The second letter of the 2015 FREE PRINT contest is "L"
After I delivered my jury selection questionnaire form to the Baltimore County courthouse, I noticed that the monument to the Baltimore County police was in a direct line with my building.  That Maryland flag is almost directly where my bedroom is.

So, I returned to the courthouse plaza the next day at sunset for some photos.  I love the architecture of my building and I think the brickwork looks particularly appealing at sunset.

I offer these photos not as architecture photography, but rather as my artistic interpretation of a building I enjoy looking at. I made these photos to reflect my vision of line and color. I emphasized the shadows, which are strong at sunset.

Location is also a strong element in these images. I placed the building within the context of an urban community. The police monument represents the connection to local government. The parking garage represents the concentration of population. The street lam represents the pedestrian qualities of the neighborhood. The small house in front of the glass office building (reflecting the image of the Palisades) shows the evolution of the community over time.