PictureHarley-Davidson motorcycle parked in the Overbrook neighborhood of Philadelphia.
I'm trying something new this week. If you buy this photograph, I will throw in a new Harley-Davidson coffee table photo book, for FREE, as a special thank-you.  

Harley-Davidson, by Pascal Szymezak.

I have two reasons for making this special offer, so please tell me if either reason appeals to you.  

First, I want to see if a FREE BOOK giveaway works as an incentive to sell my photograph of this motorcycle.  I don't question the quality of this image. It's gorgeous.  But, this promotion might be useful to get more people to even notice that it is available.

Second, I think having a book to match the photograph will add enjoyment to both of them.  The photograph is something to be enjoyed daily, from across the room, or in passing while doing other things.  The book is to be enjoyed in-depth, while seated and comfortable.

If you would like the FREE BOOK with the purchase of this photograph, send me a message with the type of print you would like to order.  CLAIM YOUR FREE BOOK

24" X 36" frame, under glass, with double mat

LARGE PRINT                        $35
17" X 25"   (specify luster or metallic paper)

MEDIUM PRINT                      $25
13" x 19"  (luster only)


FREE 2-DAY Delivery in Baltimore-Metro area.
Philly/DC/Wlimington/Harrisburg:  $20 delivery

Outside of mid-Atlantic region, send me your ZIP Code for a shipping quote.

I enjoy taking photographs of other people taking pictures. This a cameraman from Fox 29 in Philadelphia during the Thanksgiving weekend in 2012.  I took the kids downtown to visit the Christmas Village display.  At the time I captured this image, he was filming a college choir singing carols.  

I processed this image to enhance the various textures that I saw: gloves, microphone, strap, pouch, jacket, etc.  I like how the cameraman himself is obviously in the picture, and yet is also invisible, as he is blocked by the camera and covered with a hat, jacket, and gloves.  I chose the tight shot to focus attention on the actual camera as a piece of equipment, but I retained just enough of the surroundings to establish the context that this took place outside in a city. There is the back of a man wearing a jacket and a building at least 7 stories high, although both are obscured to avoid distraction from the camera.

Now, did you already notice that this image is in black and white?  I captured the image in color, but I chose to present it in B/W because I see the textures of the various materials (cloth, metal, plastic) as more revealing than the colors.  I also processed this image to specifically enhance the contrast between the light and dark areas, but without having any total black or total white. Simply, this image is a study in many shades of gray.  Then, to finish the image, I enhanced the sharpness of the edges throughout the image.  

I want this image to give you an enhanced close-up look at the detail of a television camera as if you were standing right next to it and studying it for awhile.