PictureColumbus, OH
Most of the photographs of downtown Columbus, OH show the two main rivers: the Scioto and the Olentangy.  But, when I think of Columbus, I think about the highways.  I captured this shot from the spot where I-70 and I-71 meet.  These two highways take me to the cities where I've spent much of my life--at least when I wasn't living in Columbus itself...three separate times.

Going north on I-71 leads to Wooster, OH,where I spent four years at The College of Wooster.  And I-70 leads to Frederick, MD, where I grew up, and then on to Baltimore, where I live now.



05/22/2016 5:02am

Photography is a good art and people are buying the very expensive camera for save your memory through photography. It is no surprise that the benefits of technology in the classrooms are clearly written on the wall.

04/11/2017 7:10am

Picture taking is something that you do to to make people be interested in something. A picture, but a million emotions to come. It is a tangible way to preserve his memory. We all possess this art and creativity inside our hearts, we just need to find it where it belongs. I always take my camera with me, because I don't want to miss a single moment in my life. I want to see all of them., so that I have something to go look back on. What a beautiful sight, I wish I could go there in some other time.

07/13/2017 1:57am

Columbus, Ohio is a memorable place for me because my mom and I went to visit last year and it was such a beautiful country. What I like the most is how disciplined the people are. When we went to the Schiller Park German Village, we didn't see one piece of trash on the ground at all. This was a unique scene for my mom and I because back in our hometown, people don't care about the environment at all because they just throw their trash anywhere they want. Especially after the people finish their picnic time, you can see all of their leftover trash in the grass. It's nice to see for a change that a state like Ohio is disciplined when it comes to saving the environment. We also went there to watch the Broadway musical Les Miserables at the Southern Theatre. It was such a memorable night because aside from the fact that the musical was a blast, the theatre looks so modern even though it was built way back in 1896.

10/04/2016 5:54am

I like the colors on your shot! So much! I like that contrast between warm and cold)

03/06/2017 4:37pm

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