Picture833-835 North Fremont Ave Baltimore, Maryland
This week, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced a program to begin demolition of abandoned buildings in Baltimore.  Much of the demolition will be in the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood of West Baltimore.

I visited the neighborhood in May 2015 with my kids.  It was the weekend following the riots and martial law resulting from the Freddie Gray death.  I wanted my kids to see the real neighborhood, and not just news clips and posts on social media.

I captured this image of the abandoned building at 833-835 N. Fremont Ave in West Baltimore.  



Thank you for your sharing. Demolition is the process of repairing the concrete slab.

06/04/2016 8:59am

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06/06/2016 6:21am

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02/17/2017 1:00pm

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03/06/2017 4:35pm

I was always a fan of the abandoned places. It is quiet amazing how fast nature conquer this land back.

04/11/2017 3:08pm

I guess it will be good for our city to get rid of these buildings. I support it.

04/12/2017 6:51am

Abandoned objects is my passion. just look at how fast nature would conquer this building.

07/11/2017 8:13pm

The place must be emptied so it can be available for other establishments. Fields that are supposed to be places for farming are being removed because business people are replacing it with buildings and establishments. For such reason, abandoned buildings must be instantly removed so it can be an available space for business people to put up their stores instead of bothering to replace the fields anymore. I also hope that there will be available spaces for farming so the farmers will be able to earn more as their harvest will increase. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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